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Climbing Pediatric Cancer Rates in New York

A study unveiled by the CDC earlier this year has shown that pediatric cancer rates among children in the New York metropolitan area are dramatically higher than in many other communities across the country.

To help reverse this tragic trend, the Vanderbeck Agency will be launching a campaign dedicated to providing critical assistance to children and families in our community that are battling pediatric cancer.

Assisting Those Facing Pediatric Cancer

The Vanderbeck Agency is proud to be a Regional Ambassador for the #AgentsofChange movement here in Nassau County, and our commitment to this cause cannot be overstated. We will be working with a broad range of local initiatives and supporting a number of programs designed to provide assistance to children with cancer, to help improve quality of life for those facing this awful disease, and to funnel resources toward cutting edge research into new treatments and potential cures for many forms of pediatric cancer.

There is much to do, and we need your help throughout this campaign.

Be Part of our Team

Instead of providing us with a donation, we’re asking you to help us share information about this campaign with your friends, neighbors, and loved ones. Anyone you invite in to meet the Vanderbeck Agency will receive updates on this cause as well as a free insurance appraisal, and then we will happily make a donation IN YOUR NAME that will help support a local program that provides assistance or improves quality of life for children in your area facing pediatric cancer.

Join Our Campaign!

There are thousands and thousands of children in our community that need our help. Please join us, and let’s work together to help all the children in our area struggling to overcome pediatric cancer.


Brandon Vanderbeck

Vanderbeck Agency

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