Kids With Cancer Need Our Help!

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is always terrifying and when such devastating news happens to a little one, it certainly takes a toll on the whole family. We here at The Vanderbeck agency have decided to establish ourselves as ambassadors for New York families who are battling cancer and other life-threatening medical conditions for their little ones. By doing so, we hope to raise attention and better understand the hurting that so many parents face.

Pediatric cancer has experienced immense advancements in the last few decades. Today 84% of children with cancer survive more than 5 years according to the American Cancer Society. With this campaign, we hope to make sure parents and caregivers are given all the resources possible to improve the quality of life for children and make sure they have the support system needed for a chance of recovery.

As #AgentsofChange in our community, our team here at Vanderbeck Agency is vested in providing direct support to local organizations committed to helping families and children battling cancer. We want to utilize our voice and our resources to empower our community and give our clients, friends, family, and anyone who cares, the ability to help and give back. Our efforts will include working with local pediatric cancer relief groups, children’s cancer foundations and research centers, and/or helping to provide support to families who need help now. Please join us, in bringing hope to families and their little ones.

You too can join our efforts! For every friend, family, or neighbor you send our way for a FREE insurance quote, our agency will donate $10 on your behalf.

Changing lives has never been so easy or FREE!