Families whose little ones fight cancer need help

Our agency is vested in providing resources and support for families fighting cancer. Improving their quality of life and that of their courageous children is our number one priority with this campaign.

We hope to boost the morale of families’ facing a cancer battle by working to locate those who are struggling financially due to the high treatment costs of this debilitating illness. Once identified, we hope to provide help in the form of financial assistance with medical bills, transportation, treatments, equipment, and household day-to-day expenditures. “We would love to alleviate some of the burden families with a little one face. Therefore, it is imperative that we channel every resource possible to make a difference in the lives of these fearless kids .”

You too can join our efforts, it’s simple. For every recommendation we quote, our agency will donate $10-$20 on your behalf to a charity initiative who works to provide nutrition to those who need it most